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HELLO! This page is **secret** :) and I put it up for my application to the Sonic Visions Fund through SPACE GALLERY, because this site is sorely out of date and I want to share some of my music and sound design work. Enjoy!


(UNRELEASED) Tracks on forthcoming collaborative album, GLIMMER, which is also the sound score to a film (coming in fall 2021):

1 letters came among us through me (cs).
a fuck-ing breath (cs)
6 Come inside. (cs)
devotion (cs)
13 a borrowed thought, (cs)
15 a better ending now. (cs)
16 if so; (cs)

SOUND DESIGN for Voice and Vessel, a collab with dance artists Hanna Satterlee and Delaney McDonough. There are a few tracks that we used in various iterations of live performance – some of which were performed live (musically):

V + V - ENTRANCE BELLS w russian choral.
V + V - MICRO_ fake news
V + V - MICRO_ i guess im not done
V + V -- MICRO_ russian folk to aviation
V + V -- MICRO_ flute motif
V+V - version_ woman (w breath w chorus

SOUND DESIGN for two different projects with THE SPACE WE MAKE, my performance company. I have loads of work with them, which can also be viewed/listened to on the VIDEO page of the company website <>:

D _ S - TSWM - for Sky Gallery - MAIN T

SOUND DESIGN for The Trail We Left Behind, a collab with DOPPELGANGER COLLECTIVE (choreographer / dancers Shura Baryshnikov & Danielle Davidson). This is the whole score, which was performed live in public city parks around Providence, RI:



(UNRELEASED) Tracks on forthcoming solo album, Following the Light:

01 Ocean
03 Following the Light
05 All The Things (You Seem to Read A Lo
02 Arthur's Lament
06 Who Are You Tonight
10 Colliding With You
11 Little Bird - Aquarius
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