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RECENT Publications

THIS LUMINOUS LIFE –– North Country Public Radio, May 2023

THE OTHER LANDSCAPE ART –– Décor Maine, Nov. 2022

THE ASTRAL TIDES REPORT –– monthly column at The Bollard

LETTER FROM A FRIEND –– monthly newsletter from Friend Energies


Mixed Messages of Motherhood: Sifting Through the Static –– Thrive Global, 2019

Poems –– Spacer, 2013

Poems –– The Portable BOOG Reader 6: N.Y.C.2013

Poems –– Not Enough Night, 2011

Poems & Images –– Sonic Eclectic, 2011

Poems –– EDNA, 2011

Adirondack Made: Dye Happy –– Adirondack Life Magazine, 2006


Please reach out HERE to commission new works for your publication.

I regularly produce commissioned  essays (personal, topical, photo, mixed-media),

illustrations, poetry, think pieces and interviews.

Right now I'm energized by topics circling the body, what it means to heal,

motherhood, relationships, our collective engagement with

meaning-making systems, mythopoesis, and all the

various topics that fall beneath the wide

umbrella of "the psychospiritual."


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